US Protectorate

“For the benefit and protection of citizens and their rights”

Who we are: 

            We are citizens, of the United States of America, dedicated to the protection and prosperity of our country, communities and fellow citizens according to the law of the land, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Our purpose: 

          To strengthen our society, restore moral values and common sense, and eliminate our dependence on government through diligence, self reliance and citizens helping citizens.

Our beliefs:

             We believe the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the supreme law of the land, “as they are written”,
             not politically interpreted.

             We believe in a strong, self sufficient and accountable American society.

             We believe the government has become destructively self serving.

             We believe society needs to become self sufficient in every area possible until government involvement 
             in those areas is no longer needed or warranted.

             We believe that if we want “smaller” government we need “larger” citizen involvement.

How we work:
            The US Protectorate is an all volunteer group.  We are not an official organization, simply citizens working with citizens of our own free will to help minimize our need for government and government programs.  Below are the current divisions of the US Protectorate and a general overview of each division's goals.  If you would like to volunteer for any of these divisions, or start a US Protectorate group in your area, please contact us for more information.  If you have expertise in any of these areas we would like to speak with you about joining us and mentoring others.

Protectorate Divisions:

             Protection of citizens

             Organize neighborhood watch programs

             Organize business protection programs

             Organize community protection programs

             Organize School protection programs

             Train members to protect their families, homes and communities.

             Defending our Constitutional rights against those trying to limit, alter, or destroy them.


             Community assistance programs.  “Improving our communities by citizens helping citizens”.


             Members of the medical community dedicating time to help those who cannot afford proper health
             care or insurance.


             Manages the US Protectorate’s donations, budget and finances.

             Budget planning assistance for citizens and citizen run businesses.


             Specialized teams of security and medical volunteers that offer aid in crises. 

Contact Information

We will not share your contact information for any reason without your written approval.

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